straight down 2x2' 

been shooting the ground 2x2' square since the late 80's when i moved from salt lake city to san francisco. i ws doing "land art" inspired on location stuff with sand water light etc and noticed i was being upstaged with what was there. became the curator and it was great. a bit like lewis and clark. oh hell, look at that!. first with film in my hasselbald e6 slide film that doesn't exist anymore. made those new fangled "cutting edge" iris prints at trillium press (later san francisco electric works) invested deep in prints. then boom jets crashed into the twin towers and nobody wanted to look at my "downers" i shot and yea. sold a few, still have a few. later finally converted to digital and shoot with a 42 meg. camera with zeis lenses and boom!!!! 2x2' straight down pigment prints done at candela fine art printing. to hell with hasselbad. miss the sound of the shutter. ask me for an impersonation if we ever meet. used one for decades. i got it down. ha


straight down book issue 1 sold second printing due out february 1st 2018

cover, example pages, and list of all 82 full page images

straight dow magazine cover final.png
down magazine page example.png
down magazine image list final .png

walking and looking are two of my favorite things to do. photography is pretty high on the list as well. most days i walk several miles. it's more of a meander than a walk actually, no goal in mind other than discovering. the series of photographs straight down 2x2' took form in the early 1990s and is still going. the images included on this page are a tiny sliver of a itty bitty example of what i have found.  

archival pigment prints of the images are available. they are printed 2x2' square same size as the image area of ground shot, in small editions of 5 prints, with the assistance of the expert eye of master printer brad bocca at candela fine art printing in oakland california.