family. paints fire water okawara paper, 73x38", mark petersen 2018. intended to be hung mid room as a divider and seen from both sides and the edges

change.  "things" and "ideas' and philosophies" change. fragility of life and circumstance. crisis is danger and opportunity. 

the work takes many different forms but those are always the themes.

straight down 2x2 book in second printing. due out february 1st. 84 full page plates. images shot straight down in nyc san francisco los angeles etc etc

dark stars

night garden series high resolution images are currently being made into 3x3 foot prints in small editions of 6 prints per image at candela fine art. they are pigment prints on canson infinity patine acid free fiber rag 310 gsm paper.

address inquiries about prints to stephen headley at osceola gallery:     or alternately directly to mark at

all photographs copyright mark petersen art 2018